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WE OFFER ForceVM RELIABILITY Protected Hosting Affordable DDoS Protected Hosting

ForceVM understands that you demand more from your web host provider, If you want the web to play a critical role in your company's growth and success, We'll Protect you to get there. You will never have to question the safety, security or reliability of your website. We offer a 99% uptime guarantee.

High Performance Virtual Server Hosting in France, data centers.

GETTING STARTED IS EASY.We are confident that we can provide you a guaranteed, reliable, high-level service at an affordable price.


Support Powered by a Proactive Tech Team with Super-Fast Response Times.High-touch, passionate support—24x7x365 If you've experienced poor support with other providers,

virtual machines


in France, data centers.
Allowing you the ultimate in server customization from the VPS specs to the OS, a VPS is a powerful solution to your hosting
protected hosting


Affordable DDoS Protected Hosting
Our fully managed Linux Servers will have you off and running with your own site in no time. Various plans are available to fit your individual hosting needs.
domain hosting


We offer domain name registration services for most common top level domains. You can purchase, configure, and manage your domains directly from our custom portal.
direct support


27/7 FOR all our clients
With Our specialists you never get thrown into a support queue. They're empowered to do whatever it takes to solve your problem, and they'll own your issue until it's resolved.

VPS hosting Bronze

$13 per month
Fast and Realiable DDoS Protected VPS Getting started is easy.VPS Plans that Give You Dedicated Functionality.

web hosting Bronze

$3 per month
ForceVM understands that you demand more from your web host provider,We'll Protect you to get there.

Domain Host Bronze

$7 per month
Use our Control Panel to manage your domain name, configure email accounts, renew your domain name and buy more services.

MineCraft Bronze

$4 per month
ForceVM is the leader in Reliable and Affordable Minecraft servers hosting. We offering the best quality services at rock bottom prices.

Why Choose us

  • Fast and Reliable Service
    DDoS Protected Services
    Due to the well crafted combination of our robust VPS servers, web hosting solutions, reverse proxies and the DDoS Protection they offer, we are able to guarantee an uptime of 99.9% which is backed by our SLA, keeping you covered in the rare event of downtime. If that happens, we'll get you back up in a flash.
  • industry Powerful Control panel
    For web hosting, we offer the industry standard control panel, cPanel, so your website can be managed quickly and efficiently. For VPS's we use industry standard SolusVM, so you can manage every aspect of your VPS. For our reverse proxy range, we use our CUSTOM IN-HOUSE BUILT control panel to manage the proxies without any fuss.
  • DDoS Protection, DDoS Mitigation,
    Anti DDoS, DDoS Filter
    We offer THE BEST DOS / DDOS MITIGATION SOLUTIONS to help prevent downtime, lag and to have more stability! These services are available at our everyday affordable prices! you gonna have the best stability and scalabity to help your business grown, check our available packages and conditions and choose the one which best fits into your needs.
  • Virtual Backup
    ForceVM Hosting Virtual Backup is a highly customizable, secure online data storage service. With Virtual Backup you can access, backup, restore, & share data. Virtual Backup has several possible interfaces & options to backup, retrieve, & manipulate your data virtually. The service supports connectivity from most operating systems [including Linux, Mac, Unix & Windows], & provides you with a secure location for storing your most important files which can be accessed anywhere & anytime.
  • Network - Level DDoS Protection
    We have Cisco Guard running on our network, to offer you Network-Level protection which can stop a wide range of attacks.
  • Shared Hosting Solutions
    Here at ForceVM, we provide stable, fast, and efficient hosting for your website. We have competitive pricing compared to other providers. All accounts come with industry standard software "cPanel".
  • Cheap VPS
    The LOWEST prices on cheap VPS hosting. SolusVM, OpenVZ, KVM, Xen, cPanel, Linux VPS, Windows VPS, 24/7/365 Tech Support and FREE Site Migration. ForceVM LLC provides the best Virtual Private Servers for the money with the latest hardware, experienced technical support and high reliability.
  • Windows VPS
    Windows 2008 Server Software Installation Includes: FTP Server, Remote Desktop Service, Operating System Upgrades, Windows 2008 Bug & Security Patches, and Web Serve. We can also set up third-party software according to our current support policy/rates.
  • VPS Hosting
    We've designed an affordable VPS hosting service that you can rely on. We're deploying premium Xeon servers in premium data centers connected to redundant tier 1 internet providers. Our support technicians are available 24/7. We have a super-fast response time. Check the testimonials if you're still not convinced!
  • Web Hosting
    Looking for a cheap web hosting provider? We offer low prices, secure technology and high quality service with high speed dual hosting. Once an attack is received, in the next few minutes our systems will automatically filter and black list the attacking bots.
  • Professional DNS Hosting
    We offer free geographically redundant DNS hosting to all our VPS customers. One DNS server is located in Europe and another one in U.S.A. There is a DNS zones editor in Hypanel with real-time updating.
  • Reasonable Prices
    We've automated everything. And, we write our own secure software. Customers manage their own VPS and allow us to provide fast, reliable, secure hosting service.
  • Finding Protected VPS Hosting
    To start with, when you are looking for Protected VPS hosting, it is helpful to know that many of the hosting companies that cater to that market segment actually tend to be found by clients more often in online forums than they do through their own branding. One of the reasons for this is that many of the hosting companies that are small can build their reputation by providing solid service among those who are looking for cheap VPS hosting themselves. It may sound like a throwback to the early days of the internet, but because these companies offer such good pricing options, their customers often are willing to spend the time to actually share their honest experience with them and recommend them to others in a forum format if they like them. Most online forums can be found by doing an internet search for inexpensive VPS hosts.
  • Rating Protected VPS Hosting
    For Your Firm
    Once you have found several candidates that you want to choose one from, you will find that they often offer very similar pricing for similar features, making service and scalability become more important in your purchasing decision. You will also likely find that many of the answers to your service questions will be contained in the online forum where you found their promotion or information. One caveat that should be mentioned as you look through the service ratings that you find from specific customers: companies often pay people to provide positive feedback. On the other hand, reading the feedback with a critical eye and correlating the ratings by combining several experiences will still net you an accurate reading.
  • Mitigating against attacks up to 480Gbps
    ForceVM team is glad to announce that we have installed and tested the new DDoS migitation solution capable of handling attacks that scale up to 480 Gbps. In fact attacks of this size still are a very rare occurence (less than 0.5% of all attacks according to our statistics), whereas an average attack size and duration keep growing on a monthly basis. Be sure that when your websites or servers are hosted with ForceVM, we will be able to mitigate against any ddos attack that targets your web properties or infrastructure, no matter how big the size of attack actually is.
  • Affordable Minecraft Server Hosting
    ForceVM (VPS) is the leader in Reliable and Affordable Minecraft servers hosting. We offering the best quality services at rock bottom prices. At $15/8GB, you can't get a Minecraft server cheaper anywhere else! Our MineCraft Servers Located in France and Canada packages come with everything you need to host a superior minecraft server. From a small private server for friends to a huge public community server we have you covered. With a powerful control panel all the way to our excellent support, your minecraft server is in safe hands! Below you may select the package that has the specifications appropriate for your goals. If you have any questions please contact us for assistance.