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Who we are & what we do

image_1ForceVM Values This Is Who We Are

Do the Right Thing When it’s right for the customer, right for the company, and you’re proud of your decision, you’ve Done The Right Thing. When we’re learning from our mistakes, we are Doing the Right Thing. We Empower each other to Do The Right Thing. This means we: Trust each other, Transparently share results, Forgive honest mistakes, act Ethically, demand Excellence from ourselves, and remain Accountable to each other.

image_2Customer Inspired We amaze customers with our service, expertise, and transparency. We are grateful for our role in our customers’ lives, providing peace of mind, and increasing their business and reputation. We will not let them down. We turn customers into advocates, earning it with every action.

Where the Best get Better We are challenged by the most interesting and meaningful work of our careers, inspired by engaged, passionate people. We celebrate successes, and nourish personal growth and leadership. We support and develop each other, while not forgetting

Built to Last We choose long-term investment over short-term gain. We build for growth and profitability, because financial health sustains us and ensures we’re in control of our destiny. We build lasting relationships with customers, employees, and our communities, by making what’s important to them, important to us.

our team

  • Mark Johnson | Founder

    I started ForceVM because I wanted to work on interesting, real problems experienced by interesting, real customers, and come to the office every day thrilled to be working with the people around me. Somehow, we've been lucky enough to make that dream a reality.

  • Jessica Priston | CFO

    Company culture and employee experience are essential to a company’s growth and success. At DotVortex, we have an incredible opportunity to start early and develop a strong culture, give every employee the opportunity to be challenged and grow!.

  • Bradley Grosh | VP Sales

    The trust our clients have in DotVortex is something we place the highest value on, and something we work hard to earn every single day.

  • Olivia Pool | CEO

    We are grateful for the role we play in our client's lives and businesses, we want to earn and re-earn their trust everyday.